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Here at My Ultimate Hens, we live and breathe hens parties! Our fabulous hens night accommodation Perth options make sure that your bestie has the final fling before the ring that she truly deserves!

We have sourced and leased our own exclusive My Ultimate Hens Party Apartments, so that you can rest assured you have come to the right place. We have spent years finessing, researching, and scoping out the very best locations so we can ensure the best hens hotel options in Perth for the hens weekend you are planning. We consider all of the pesky logistics - like making sure there is enough living space, what happens if the number of guests planning to come changes from invite stage to celebration day, full size fridges for your BYO drinks, central locations and options for lots of budgets - we've done all of this to ensure you have the privilege of throwing your bestie her perfect hens weekend, without getting caught out on a small detail the unravels all of your hard work, or having to worry about getting kicked out of the Air BnB when they realise you are a hens party! With My Ultimate Hens Night Accommodation Perth, you can rest assured!

Hens Party Accommodation Sorted!

PERTH hens hotels & apartments

Your My Ultimate Hens Weekend Accommodation Sorted! Our own apartments, in the heart of the city, ready for you to raise a glass to the bride to be! Your personal My Ultimate Hens Weekend consultant can put everything together for you based on your vision for the weekend - and if you don't have one yet, we can create something your bestie will love based on your guidance - it's a win win! All you need to do is Contact Us or give us a call on 1300 339 734 and will set about working our magic and making it happen. Check out our Hens Night Accommodation Perth Options below and let's get this party started!

Planning A Perth Hens Weekend

Perth Hens Weekend Accommodation

Why choose Perth Hens Accommodation? Are you looking for the ultimate hens weekend destination?

If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable hens night or weekend getaway, then Perth is the perfect destination for you! With its stunning beaches, world-renowned wine regions, and diverse culinary scene, Perth is a city that caters to every hens taste. Whether you're looking to indulge in a spa day, indulge with a fun loving drag queen, or hit the town for a night out on the town, Perth is the ultimate hens weekend destination. Plus, with a wide variety of accommodation options available, you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your hens party group. And if you're looking for something truly unique, why not explore the vibrant street art, or party on with your bride to be! So, book your hens weekend accommodation today and experience all that Perth has to offer on your hens night or weekend getaway!

So, why not make the hens weekend one to remember and book your hens party accommodation in Perth today!

Hens Hotel Inclusions

More Hens Hotel Features

Our Flagship Perth Hens Party Accommodation

Fun PERTH Hens Weekend Apartments

We have sourced and leased our own My Ultimate Hens apartments that are in the heart of party central in Perth!

All of our My Ultimate Perth Hens Weekend Packages are designed to have one central Bachelorette Pad, where everyone enjoys the hens weekend together - this is the main apartment where you decorate, celebrate and pop those bubbles on ice! So clear the Camera Roll!

Your guests will be divided between other stunning apartments within our tower, with the main My Ultimate Hens Bachelorette Pad apartment to form the main celebration space for the weekend - with enough living space to host your festivities (Topless butler anyone?), and a full size fridge for your BYO champers. Our Bachelorette Pad apartments include separate bedrooms and living areas, a single bed for each guest (no bunking in a double bed with the hens cousin you have never met before the hens weekend!), kitchen, airconditioning, balcony, as well as chic furniture & decor you would expect from a fun hens hotel stay.

Our apartment tower includes pool, sauna, gym, 24 hour reception. Our My Ultimate Hens Apartments are literally in the heart of Perth, surrounded by rooftop cocktail bars, and amazing restaurants! No need to worry about stressful times at checkin, as we know you are a hens group and we can't wait to welcome you. Perth Hens Weekend Accommodation Win!

Booking one of our many exclusive Hens Ideas Perth wide includes this fabulous Flagship Accommodation Option.

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Flagship Accommodation for Adelaide Hens Weekends

Plan The Perfect Hens Night!

We can organise platter delivery, entertainment and activities. Have a browse of our Perth Hens Party Packages and see if any of our inclusive packages float your boat - including our Hens Party Topless Waiter Cruise Package which literally will!

Grazing platters, flower crowns, topless waiters, a drag queen or a paint and sip workshop can all form part of your Perth Hens Hotel Experience - we've got you and your best friends covered here at My Ultimate Hens!

Our My Ultimate Perth Hens Weekend Apartments are truly the best of the bunch - we have planned your accommodation needs so all you need to do it focus on celebrating with your bestie!

Hens Weekend Three Bedroom Apartment

hens party Three Bedroom ApartmentS!

A trending idea is to include a Three Bedroom Apartment in your Perth hens weekend, especially if you have a large bridal party!

A lot of our savvy bridesmaids opt to include one of our Three Bedroom Apartments in their hens party package! Doing so, allows you to make this upgraded apartment the Bachelorette Pad for the hens weekend - to host the festivities - the one to decorate, the one where the hen and the bridal party usually sleeps, and the one that the cheese platters are served in, whilst the bottles of bubbles are popped! Our Three Bedroom Apartments include 2 bathrooms (ideal for getting ready!) and a balcony as well so get ready to take lots of pics!

Luckily, we have sourced and leased our own My Ultimate Hens apartments that are large, lavish and the perfect hens hotel apartment suites that include three bedrooms - time to celebrate with friends, drinks and perhaps even some eye candy!

A Three Bedroom Hens Party Apartment In PERTH!

You can upgrade your Flagship Accommodation to include a guaranteed 3 Bedroom Apartment, to act as the main Bachelorette Pad! This means that other guests will be staying in the same apartment tower in a combination of studio, one and two bedroom apartments, and then you have the main 3 Bedroom Hens Weekend Apartment for you to all relax in together.

We adore planning hens, it's literally what we do, and so you can clink the bubbly knowing that you have planned your besties hens perfectly, with the Perth hens hotel options through My Ultimate Hens!

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Hens Party Three Bedroom Apartment

Perth Hens Weekend Packages

The Ultimate PERTH Hens Party!

Planning the perfect hens weekend for your best friend is such an honour - and our hens packages are the perfect way to celebrate.

Accommodation, activities, transport, entertainment - it's all here! All for one easy, per head price to pop on your invites, and with incredible options and ideas - why not take a peak at our range of complete hens weekend packages in Perth!

You can easily filter our Hens Party Perth Packages by options that include accommodation, or Create Your Own Perth Hens Package where you can pick and choose which elements you want to include - how much fun!

So whether you are clinking champers glasses at a winery in the Swan Valley, sipping cocktails, grazing on rooftops, or enjoying VIP experiences in one of our Perth nightclubs - we have you covered with our fabulous and fun range of hens party packages.

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Why My Ultimate Perth Hens Accommodation?

We have literally done thousands of walk throughs of hotels, suites and apartments, spent thousands of hours researching and discovering the best hens night accommodation options in Perth - not only do we have incredible rates, we also consider all of the little details that make a huge difference to your best friends hens running smoothly – like making sure there is a full size fridge for your BYO bubbly, living space to host your hens weekend festivities in, central locations, bedding that make sure no guest has to share with anyone else, that there is enough bathrooms per apartment for the guests getting ready...we have done the research and secured the best accommodation so that we can help you have the honour of throwing your best friend the hens weekend she deserves!

No need to spend hours navigating no-cancellation policies, trying to predict the impossible and know how many ladies really are going to come at the time of booking everything – no taking the huge risk that so many Maid Of Honours in the past have had to do, and hoping that you might have enough space to party or just rolling the dice that because of a properties no group party policy they will actually let you check in. At My Ultimate Hens with our Hens Weekend Accommodation, we are your partner in making sure your vision for her hens comes true – so you can rest assured!

How Do The Sleeping Arrangements Work?

We are so glad you asked – because our set up is wonderful and something we are really proud of! When your hens party accommodation comes as part of your My Ultimate Hens package, we sort all of the logistics for you. Often at the time of booking, you won't know exactly how many guests are going to come - and if you have ever planned a hens before, you know that numbers can change at a drop of a hat! We allocate one main ‘Bachelorette Pad’ Apartment – which is the main boudiour for the hens weekend. This is the apartment with the largest living space, the lit views, the full size fridge for your BYO bubbly and where that eye candy topless waiter could be knocking on the door! Your My Ultimate Hens Bachelorette Pad typically houses the hen and bridal party overnight, with the other ladies only returning to their own apartments in the same building to sleep, shower or frock up for the night. If you do happen to truly know how many people exactly are coming, then let us know and we can chat you through specific options for your exact number of guests.

Beware Of Co-SLeeping Rates!

Here at My Ultimate Hens, we are all about ensuring that everything runs perfectly for you – and we are aware that the devil is in the detail. Unfortunately there are some other companies out there who put together accommodation packages for hens weekends, and neglect to mention that the rate they have given you for the package includes double and queen beds that don’t split – i.e the majority of guests on the hens night will need to sleep with another guest they may not know in a double bed together.

We don’t know about you – but if we were at a classy hens party all day, and when we got back to the hens party accommodation ready for a decent nap, realised we were expected to share a double bed with the hens second cousin who we haven’t had a chance to say anything but 'hello!' to all night…well, that isn’t our idea of a perfect set up! Rest assured that when accommodation comes as part of a My Ultimate Hens package, we guarantee every guest their own individual bed - and we send you the rooms and bed config in advance – so you can all have that well deserved place to sleep it off on your own. This also means you will have the full rooming list in advance of check in so you can work out who you want to be allocated to each room configuration - we also have upgrade options available if some of the guests want their own apartment or room - yay!

How Do I Know How Many Beds I Will Need?

If you have ever planned a hens party before, you’ll be nodding along to this next part. If this is your first time planning a hens – welcome - you have come to the right place! Planning a hens seems easy when you have just been asked to be the Maid Of Honour and when every group message you send out to the ladies ends in ‘Ohhh 100% count me in!!’ and ‘absolutely I’ll be there hun’ – so you go ahead and book accommodation for the 16 gals who said they are ‘100% in’ – no worries you think, I’ll get all this money back when they all pay me for their share. Think again! The ladies often sing a very different tune when it comes time to front up the money into your account – with numbers often dropping dramatically and leaving you out of pocket, when you were just trying to do the right thing by your bestie and make sure she has an amazing hens weekend. Even if you book the more pricey 'refundable' accommodation, it honestly becomes a logistical nightmare trying to get everyone to confirm before that cancellation period ends – or trying to write up spreadsheets of what apartment has what bedding configuration – having to ask yourself things like ‘does that king bed split into two singles?’, ‘what if they put us all in apartments that are in three separate towers?’, and ‘what if just one more lady wants to come, then I am going to have to change the two bedroom apartment for a three bedroom one’ only to find out the three bedroom is no longer available – it becomes incredibly hard work when you need your energy because you have a bride-to-be to support and a wedding to help her plan!

That is where we come in – and why you can rest assured with My Ultimate Hens Party Accommodation. Forget worrying about the logistics – we take care of all of that – and when an overnight stay comes as part of your My Ultimate Perth Hens Weekend Package, we guarantee every lady her own bed or rollaway for that one per head price, regardless of if your numbers change. We wear the hassle of changing apartments up or down, cancelling rooms, adding in new ones and wrangling logistics – so that you don’t have to. This is what we do – and we’re really, really good at it! As long as you have the minimum amount of gals that you committed to for your original package – i.e a minimum of 8 ladies when you had your invite list of 25 – we will move things around and take the headache out of your hens night accommodation planning. With My Ultimate Hens you can absolutely rest assured - we have got your back!

Air BnB Hens Party House For Rent Perth

Looking for a Hens Party House or Hens Night Air BnB in Perth?

Lots of hens groups start out by searching for houses for a hens weekend in Adelaide - they have visions of having a beautiful mansion near the CBD...where they can party, they can enjoy the evening with bottles of champagne, and all of the girls together enjoying the festivities. Sounds fabulous, right?

The reality is though, that this dream often ends in a very panicked phonecall from a Maid Of Honour who booked House for the Hens Weekend, and only upon checkin realised that they have a strict no party policy and are not a party friendly house, or will treat any group or event like they are school children being naughty at school camp - not a vibe. Or worse, the group gets kicked out simply for being a hens group - ruining the hens weekend. It's not even worth thinking about - can you even imagine...

why choose Hens Party Air BnB In PERTH?

Same with a hens night Air BnB - the dreams of chatting with the girls whilst sipping champagne are quickly replaced by the reality of needing to pack your own bin bags, and to spend the entire morning of checkout (when all you feel like doing is heading to brunch) having to scrub the place clean!

Skip the hassle and the risk! With My Ultimate Hens Night Accommodation Perth, you get to make the dream a reality! Living spaces to relax and celebrate in, hens friendly accommodation (we know because we source and lease our own apartments to make sure your hens weekend hotel is amazing!), and no awkward moments where you have to pretend to be a corporate group at check-in. All the things you wanted to achieve when having the idea to book a house to host the hens party in, or a hens party Air Bnb, with none of the dramas! We also have our unmatched ‘unlimited sleeping’ option which takes the stress out of changing guest numbers, one deposit that allows numbers to fluctuate as long as you stay above the minimum for your package, and no one having to bunk in a double bed with one of the other gals they might not know on the hens – we’ll cheers to that!

Different People Staying Different Nights?

Hens Group Accommodation IN PERTH

Planning a hens party has lots of elements! Something to consider when looking for hens friendly accommodation, is that you may want to have different guest numbers on different nights.

For example, you want to have some people check in on the Friday, and stay the whole weekend until Sunday, and then others come only for the Saturday night. This is really common for hens weekends where the bridal party are coming for the Friday night to set the scene and get the party started, and then inviting everyone else to come and celebrate the bride and stay on the Saturday night.

With our My Ultimate Hens weekend accommodation, this is something we offer! The flexibility to have different numbers on different dates, without having to worry about people who are staying across multiple nights needing to check out or change rooms. We take care of all of the logistics like room configurations and making sure that all of the moving parts are taken care of - rest assured that we live and breathe hens parties, and we are experts and ensuring that everything with your hens hotel stay runs smoothly!

Simply chat to your hens accommodation consultant about the options for your group size, and your vision for the hens weekend, so that we can offer advice to suit the plan!

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How Our Hens Hotel and Apartment Accommodation Works

How to book your PERTH Hens Weekend Accommodation

Here are some more details on how to book, and how our accommodation works:

-One per head price to put on your invites, even when you don't know the exact amount of people coming, or the amount of people coming might change

-One deposit that takes care of all of the reservations, without the need to navigate cancellation policies, non refundable rooms that you may no longer need, or different properties policies.

-The ability to book and reserve enough rooms and beds for your expected numbers, and not have to worry if they fluctuate! As long as you give us the secure minimum number of people that are coming, we can take care of the logistics for you, even if your expected numbers change! What a win!

-Hens friendly accommodation, in the heart of Perth, with options to add grazing platters, entertainment, activities and more!

-Logistical bliss - we have thought of it all, even the things you didn't know you needed to think about - like rooming configurations, which apartments you will need if your numbers change, parking, transport options, living spaces, large fridges for BYO - we have you covered at My Ultimate Hens!

The ability to book your accommodation with one deposit, and know you have it all sorted, without knowing your final numbers yet - gives you the peace of mind to think about the more important things - like which brand of champagne to pack for the weekend.

To book your accommodation, we require a deposit only! The final numbers are usually due a few weeks before your event, and that's when you pay the final balance, to ensure you are not paying for people who say they are coming now, and happen to pull out later - we will cheers to that!

Get In Contact with one of our Perth Hens Consultants or call us on 1300 339 734 -to chat through all of your bachelorette party options and availability for your chosen weekend.

Please note, that whilst we wish we could help all of the fabulous hens groups that come to us, due to the in high demand nature of our unique Hens Weekend Accommodation and Hens Hotel Options, availability cannot be guaranteed for all dates. We don't hold tentative bookings, and availability is offered on a first in, best dressed basis. Deposits do vary depending on accommodation choice and date, to find out further info, you can always Contact Us to see if we still have availability on your chosen date and if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to enquire about our other hens party ideas. Happy Celebrating!

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